Sunday, 26 January 2014

Breaking the 6,000 barrier!

On a boat, in Abu Dhabi
waters: 2007.

My world bird list is now over 6,000 species! It has been a long haul, but I have finally broken the 6,000 species barrier! There is a slight snag, in the fact that I actually don't know how many species I have seen exactly! The reason is, I have been a little lax, in that I haven't kept up with the many & varied taxonomic changes.
I follow the International Ornithological Congress (IOC) List. I believe that it is both more up to date than rivals such as Clements & also more authoritative, in its assessments. My personal list is seen birds only, I don't count heard birds on my world list. The only problem is the IOC list I am using is the 2009 edition! Which to say the least, is a little out of date! Sometime in the coming weeks I have to plough through the latest edition of the IOC list (January 2014) & add and maybe even subtract (as some species revert to subspecies status from full species). This is going to be quite an uphill task and take some time! But when finished, I will publish the total here on this post.
Birding in the Tierra del Fuego National Park: 2013.

World List update:

 It is the 9th April & I reckon I have finally worked out my world list! It has only taken me three & half months to do it! 6,016 species!
So, what is my next goal? 7,000 species of course! Can I accomplish this within two years? Trips to SE China/Taiwan; Sulawesi & Halmarhera; Borneo & a month blast around Colombia, are all planned for this year. Keep revisiting, to see how I get on. 

Motoring down the Kinabatangan River in Borneo.
October 2014.
It is now 4th November & amazingly I have managed to keep up with my hectic birding schedule. No injuries or serious mishaps so far! Touching lots of wood! My trips to SE China & Taiwan netted me 67 new species. Sulawesi & Halmerhera a whopping 142 new birds & Sabah (Borneo) 57 new birds. So my world list is now 6,282 species with Colombia still to come. Bring it on!