Saturday, 2 August 2014

Martin & Amanda's Big day!

Martin & Amanda Stansfield.

I have known Martin since 1986 & Amanda over the last decade. They have always been a close couple, but it has taken until today (2nd August), to formalise their relationship. I was honoured to be asked to be his best man. It was a lovely day & this is how it went.
Christine & Steve
(Amanda's Mum & Dad)
I arrived at the house exactly on time & the only people who were ready, were Amanda's Mum & Dad! Not quite what I was expecting! Gradually they emerged, like newly formed, fine looking butterflies from the pupa stage! The metamorphosis was quite remarkable!
Two of the newly
transformed butterflies!
Aleyisha & Sophie.
The Stansfield family - minus the groom of course!
Amanda arrived exactly on time!
And looking stunning!
The rather less stunning groom!
My big moment!
Proof that I did my bit!
The happy couple, waiting to sign the register.
The complete Stansfield family.
Steve, Martin, Amanda & Christine:
Stansfields one & all!




Have a great life together!

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