Friday, 27 February 2015

Nocturnal Nylesvlei + other stuff!

Unfortunately, the entire area was dry!

Drove to Nylesvlei on 18th & did some birding in the afternoon.

Male Amur Falcon
Evening vigil over the marshes produced: 8 Roan Antelope; 10 Tseesbe & lots of Amur Falcons & Black-collared Pratincoles. An African Marsh Owl flew by.

Grass Owl

A different bird, with prey.

After dark commenced a night drive & results were spectacular: 5 Grass Owls; 7 Rufous-cheeked Nightjars & 3 Spotted Dikkops.

Early morning birding around the reserve on 19th produced very little. A nice breakfast though, in the restaurant.

The Taita Falcon site, sans falcons!

Drove to Swadini to find it was closed until April! On the way called in at the Taita Falcon site, but no joy!

The fantastic Blyde River.

Found a great place to stay at ................. 

Male African Finfoot.


Early morning birding on 20th without my camera produced heart stopping views of Half-collared Kingfisher on the river! Went back to get my camera, the Kingfisher had of course gone, but in the same area found two amazing African Finfoots which just stuck around for photos!

Packed up & left for Mt Sheba Hotel


Western Red-footed Falcon - 
a bit of a rarity in this area.

Blue-grey Flycatcher.

On 21st walked some of the lodge trails, but birding was very quiet.

Blyde River Canyon.

Drove home to Sabie Park via the Blyde River Canyon.

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