Sunday, 13 November 2016

New Zealand Great Crested Grebe: Photo Essay

New Zealand Great Crested Grebe

This is quite a cosmopolitan species being found through Europe, Africa, parts of Asia, Australia & New Zealand. However, over much of its range this species is migratory & only keeps the above plumage in the summer breeding season, being very black & white at other times of the year.

A little bit of display.

In New Zealand this species is always in the so-called summer plumage. It never looses this amazing plumage, there is no alternate drab, non breeding plumage. Also the birds plumage is dark with very intense colours (much darker in tone than in other parts of its range).

Quite a beautiful bird.

This species is regarded as threatened in New Zealand & is mainly confined to the cold sub alpine type of lakes. Definitely a potential split for the future.

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