Thursday, 19 January 2017

Family trips in January 2017

South Golden Beach.

I, of course did not make first light on the 1st January! But it was a nice, lazy day & in the afternoon we all had a walk along the beach.

Rosie, having a short break.

Blue - faced Honeyeater

Little Wattlebird

On 2nd January Rowan dropped me off in Byron & Rosie & Geoff took me into the hills & we enjoyed a nice walk in the forest. 

Me with Nicci's credit card!
It has taken a long time to go full circle!

Peaches & Grandad.
Please notice the hair & 
scarf adornments!
Photo courtesy of Nicci.

Gabe on stage.
The next best thing?
Photo courtesy of Nicci.

Gabe & Peaches in the garden.
Photo courtesy of Nicci.

On 10th I finally got out of Abu Dhabi Airport after not getting on various flights because they were full! Exhausted, I left my wallet on a table in the secure holding area, only to discover my loss on arrival at Heathrow. Big hassle! 

Nicci, Gabe, Peaches, Sue & Peter.

Photo courtesy of Nicci.

Peaches & Gabe.

That is snow they are standing on!

Bertie was a big hit with the children.

Playing dead Lions with the dog!

Sarah & Nicci, at their finest!

Anything they can do.....
Photo courtesy of Nicci.

Photo courtesy of Nicci.

Photo courtesy of Nicci.

Justin & Nicci.

Spent the next week with Nicci, Justin & the grand kids, which was very pleasant. Peter & Sue came over with their new dog on 15th & we all enjoyed a walk in the woods & a great Sunday lunch prepared by Justin. 

A mixture of grassland & woodland.

Depths of winter.

On 17th I had a walk in Nonsuch Park & nearby Warren Farm. It was a crisp cold winters day but I really enjoyed the exercise & saw such birds as Green & Great Spotted Woodpecker; Nuthatch, Coal Tit & lots of Redwing. It was a shame I didn't bring my big camera & lens with me for this trip, as I could have got some good photos.

The morning of the 18th January.
Frost covering everything!

I flew out on the evening of 18th back to Abu Dhabi & relative warmth! It had been a nice trip but spoilt  by renewing my passport & loosing my wallet: both giving hassles!

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