Sunday, 12 March 2017

Spring in the UAE

Camel racetrack.

An Arabian Red Fox den.
Despite all the destruction, they are still hanging on
 at this location.

On 2nd March I paid a morning visit to Al Wathba. At first it was foggy, but the mist soon cleared to reveal a beautiful morning. I walked most of the former fields, birds were scarce but I recorded the following:

Long billed Pipit

It is not often you get the chance to 
photograph this species.

Menetries Warbler

A nice male coming into breeding plumage.

Crested Honey Buzzard; 2 European Marsh Harrier; 12 Pallid Swift; Red-rumped Swallow; 3 Long-billed Pipit; 16 Tawny Pipit; 41 Water Pipit; 4 Steppe Grey Shrike; 2 Southern Grey Shrike; 7 Daurian Shrike; 2 Turkestan Shrike; 12 Desert Wheatear; 7 Isabelline Wheatear; 3 Pied Wheatear; 2 Bluethroat; 2 Siberian Stonechat; 9 Desert Warbler; 4 Menetries Warbler & Chiffchaff.

Abu Dhabi skyline.
Taken from Lulu Island.

Alexandrine Parakeet.
The only species I managed to photograph today!

On 7th March Maarten took Dick, Kevin & myself to Lulu Island. It was a lovely afternoon & we had a good walk around. Birds were scarce, best being:

Egyptian Nightjar; 29 Grey Hyypocolius; 4 Pied Wheatear; 8 Isabelline Wheatear; 7 Desert Wheatear; European Stonechat; Siberian Stonechat; Orphean Warbler; 3 Chiffchaff & 5 Desert Warbler.

Cattle Egret

Eurasian Collared Dove


Desert Lesser Whitethroat

On 9th March had a quick look around the MPG's. It was very quiet with nothing of note.

Ahmed & Clare

Ahmed, Clare Gabriel & Peaches.
Taken on a quick trip to London.

Enjoyed a weekend of rugby (Six Nations) & flew out of Abu Dhabi early on the morning of 13th March after a much longer stay than I anticipated. A big thanks to Clare & Ahmed for putting up with me!

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