Monday, 30 April 2018

Spring Migration at Sila

The 20th April saw me rising at 2.45 am to meet up with Oscar; Simon & Desmond for the long drive to Sila, the westernmost extremity of the UAE. 

Desmond, Oscar & Simon.

This area has good coastal vegetation 
& natural bushes.

Sila is surrounded by desert, so any vegetation 
proves very attractive for migrant birds.

European Hobby

Pallid Harrier

Lesser Grey Shrike

Remnants of a Palm plantation.

Rufous tailed Scrub Robin

A common migrant & this species is increasing
 as a summer breeder.

Even small roundabouts are a haven 
for migrant birds


Ortolan Bunting

Red throated Pipit

Sila Park.

European Cuckoo

Red tailed Rock Thrush
Photo courtesy of Desmond Lobo.

European Bee-eater

The UAE is getting very developed these days & the Sila area is one of the very few which has a range of habitats that attract migrants. It is a long drive from Abu Dhabi though, & a day birding this area is always a super long day.

Common Redstart

Masked Shrike

A scarce, but regular migrant.

Barred Warbler
Photo courtesy of Desmond Lobo.

Eastern Olivaceous Warbler

Where there is water, there are birds!

Black crowned Night Heron

Purple Heron


Hen Harrier

This species is a rare winter visitor. 
This individual is very late.

Bird list: 

Purple Heron 1; Grey Heron 1; Black crowned Night Heron 1; Squacco Heron 3; Oriental Honey Buzzard 1; Pallid Harrier 1; Hen Harrier 1; Eurasian Hobby 2; Black winged Stilt 10; Red wattled Lapwing 10; Little Ringed Plover 2; Kentish Plover 1; Curlew Sandpiper 1; Little Stint 2; Common Snipe 1; Marsh Sandpiper 2; Wood Sandpiper 1; Rose ringed Parakeet 3; Feral Pigeon 10+; European Turtle Dove 4; Namaqua Dove 10; Laughing Dove 30+; Eurasian Collared Dove 300+; Pallid Swift 15; Grey  Hypocolius 1; European Hoopoe 2; European Bee-eater 70+; Eurasian Cuckoo 1; Red backed Shrike 2; Red tailed Shrike 65+; Lesser Grey Shrike 4; Masked Shrike 1; Greater Short toed Lark 4; Crested Lark 8; Barn Swallow 50+; Sand Martin 12; Willow Warbler 35; Eastern Olivaceous Warbler 25+; Upcher's Warbler 4; Clamorous Reed Warbler 3; Graceful Prinia 1; Eurasian Blackcap 3; Barred Warbler 25; Lesser Whitethroat 28; Common Whitethroat 7; Spotted Flycatcher 7; Rufous tailed Scrub Robin 15; Common Nightingale 2; Common Redstart 15; Rufous tailed Rock Thrush 8; Whinchat 12; Northern Wheatear 3; Desert Wheatear 1; Isabelline Wheatear 3; Yellow Wagtail 3; Tawny Pipit 2; Red throated Pipit 5; Ortolan Bunting 6. 

This was an excellent days birding & thank you guys for being great companions. Till the next time!

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