Sunday, 27 May 2012

The fading Spring!

On Thursday 24th, I drove north from Mender to Al Quoa Fodder Fields. It was very quiet: 5 European Rollers & 3 Marsh Warblers being the only migrants present. Several pairs of Red wattled Lapwings were breeding, as were at least 50+ pairs of Crested Larks.

European Roller

At least four pairs of Red wattled Lapwing
had nested & had young.

 I then drove to Al Ain and met up with Huw. He was kind enough to once again drop what he was doing & gain me entrance into the Al Ain Water Treatment Plant. The White-rumped Sandpiper was again on show, together with a Terek Sandpiper & 3 Little Stints. A good inland record was of a fine full summer plumage Lesser Sand Plover, no doubt on its way to the Tibetan Plateau, which is of course my next port of call as well!

We had a quick look at Zahker Pools: Spoonbill; Purple Heron; Little Bittern and a Ferruginous Duck all still hanging around. The 14 Eurasian Coot could well be breeding.

0 species added (290 species total): 650 kms travelled.

After the Thursday evenings festivities, Carol & I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast & briefly visited Safa Park in the middle of the day, on Friday. An adult Shikra was nice, & a lone Upcher's Warbler was the only migrant I could find.

Upcher's Warbler has a long spring migration
 through the UAE.

0 species added (290 species total): 160 kms travelled.

Sunday 27th, saw me birding the MPG's in the vain hope of adding to my stagnent year list! As expected, it was very quiet: 11 Marsh Warblers & a Common Nightingale were the only migrants present. The four pairs of Eastern Olivaceous Warblers were much in evidence. This is still the only known breeding spot in the whole of Arabia! Which is quite remarkable!

0 species added (290 species total): 80 kms travelled.

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