Thursday, 20 February 2014

A winter trip to London

I had to visit London over a few days to sort out one or two things. It was a brief, but action-packed four & half days. The weather was variable to say the least! (One evening blowing a full force gale + the rain of course)! But in the main, the weather was OK, considering it was February & other parts of the country were suffering flooding.

 Viewing from the south bank of the Thames.
 The mix of architecture & styles (down the ages)
 is both intriguing & interesting.


 It is great to wander down the
 little streets & alleyways!
 Bizarre, but kind of wonderful!
A splash of colour on Valentine's Day!
 The Shard dominates the landscape.

 Millennium Bridge looking towards St. Pauls.
 St. Pauls Cathedral.
 Looking at St. Pauls from a
small park, which litter this part
of central London.
Barbara, enjoying the local sights!
 The magnificent homes in Holland Park!
 One of the reasons for visiting London
 was to see the girls.
 Is this the worst photograph ever?
What a bunch!

The Thames Flood Barrier at dusk.
A surprisingly beautiful & interesting structure.

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