Thursday, 27 February 2014

Clare & Ahmed's Big Day!

It is now the early hours of the 1st March. I am tired but happy! Clare & her new husband, Ahmed have gone to the Yas Viceroy Hotel to meet friends. I am very happy to stay home! It has been an exhausting, but fantastic day! Here is how it went!
Chloe came around to help Clare get ready in our house. Ahmed was banished to his brother's house!  I watched all the drama from the side-lines, with a smile on my face. It didn't turn out too badly though!
 Clare, just before the big event!
 Nice hair girl!
Clare & me before we set out!
Talal & Chloe drove Clare & I over to Ahmed's brother's house, where all the action was due to take place! Raha had been prime organiser & had decorated the garden very nicely. The stage was set for the action. The Sheikh arrived & he interviewed Clare. Then he came to me, to say Clare had authorised him to proceed with the wedding. So it began, in Arabic of course. Ahmed said his words then it was my turn. I did my best with the Arabic & people said I didn't do too badly! Amazing! It was a short, but intimate ceremony. Then we went into the garden for photos & to eat of course!
 Ahmed & Clare
 Exchanging rings.
 A closer look, at Clare's ring!
Clare wore my wedding ring around her ankle.
I thought it was time to pass it on.

The menu! Not really! A joke!
Ahmed, Clare, Yahya, Bridie & me.

Yahya, Ahmed, Clare  Bridie.
Iby, Abdullah, Manal, Ahmed, Clare, Saleh
Razan, Lina, Chloe, Raha, Clare, Manal Bridie
 Chloe, Clare & Raha.
Saleh, Ahmed, Clare & Razan
Raha, Ahmed Clare & Iby
Talal, Chloe, Clare & Ahmed.
 Me & Clare

 Raha had thoughtfully placed a candle
 in memory of Carol, in the corner of the garden.

 Carol would have been so happy & proud!
 Look at the cake closely!

 The proud fathers.

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