Tuesday, 15 April 2014

2014: my comings & goings!

At the request of one of the members of my family, I have been asked to write down where & when I will be this year! She got a bit of a shock when she found out I was in Boston & she didn't know I was going! So, here is my schedule for the year. If it changes, (as these things are want to do), then I will edit accordingly.
25th April: fly to Shanghai & onwards to Taiwan for the Bird Tour Asia SE China & Taiwan trip.
17th May: arrive back in Abu Dhabi.
20th May: fly to Boston for a three week late spring/summer trip around Massachusetts & Maine.
10th June: arrive back in Abu Dhabi.
16th June: fly to Johannesburg for month long safari with Rowan & Ceggy.
17th July: arrive back in Abu Dhabi.
21st July: fly to London, mainly for Rowan's graduation ceremony.
30th July: fly back to Abu Dhabi.
4th August: fly to Johannesburg for seven week safari.
23rd September: fly back to Abu Dhabi.
28th September: fly to Makassar, for the start of Bird Tour Asia Sulawesi & Halmahera trip.
18th October: fly to Sabah Borneo, for the start of Bird Tour Asia trip.
1st November: fly back to Abu Dhabi.
19th November: fly to Bogota, for the start of Rockjumper Colombia Mega Trip.
20th December: arrive back in Abu Dhabi for Christmas & New Year with family.
And I do believe that is the end of an action packed 2014! Let's see how it all pans out shall we?

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  1. Hi Steve - you're a busy man! You'll be in South Africa when we are, hope we can get together.