Friday, 11 April 2014

It's my birthday!

Well actually it isn't! Today is 11th April, which is the day of the party, but my birthday is actually the next day, which is a Saturday. Saturday party's are not as convenient for people here in Abu Dhabi, as the Islamic weekend is Friday/Saturday, which means one has to return to work on Sunday morning! Strange for most of you, but we have got used to it.
It will be my 59th year & I have planned it to be a big birding year with trips to SE China/Taiwan; Sulawesi/Halmahera; Sabah, Borneo & Colombia! Not to mention my frequent forays to my home in South Africa. That is the plan anyway, let's see how it pans out.
I still haven't quite got over the jet lag from my flight from Boston earlier in the week. It is an eight hour time difference & flying from west to east is the worst. You seem to be OK travelling the other way. I wonder why? Which means I have been wide awake since 4.30 am this morning! A few little jobs to do for the party this morning but then the staff from The Club arrive & start setting things up, so I shouldn't have to do much.
Myself & Neil.

Neil Tovey is travelling down from Dubai, as it will be a joint party, as he is leaving the UAE after eight years, to take up a position in Kuwait. I can feel a trip for Afghan Babbler coming on already!
Clare & Ahmed are here of course, but so is Rowan & her boyfriend, Ceggy. (No, that is not his real name, but it will do). It is nice to have them around. I don't see as much of her as before, as she is still at Brighton University, but finishes this June. Then we plan to go to South Africa on safari.
Rowan & Clare with their Daddy!
I really must get that tooth fixed!


Mr & Mrs Faraa.


Rowan & Ceggy.

Rowan & Clare.
Just a few shots early on. I forgot to take anymore later! Around 35 people turned up & I received some very nice cards & presents! Thank you guys! Everyone seemed to have a good time & I finally got into my pit at 5 am!
My precious! All mine!
Behind my bar.

When I returned from birding on the 12th, Clare had cooked a nice evening meal for me. Yummy! Thanks Clare! 

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  1. Have a great birthday Steve.
    We are looking forward to meeting up soon.