Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Kinabatangan Jungle Camp.

Kinabatangan Jungle Camp
Kinabatangan River.

I arrived at the Kinabatangan Jungle Camp in the early afternoon. It was exactly how I imagined a Bornean lowland jungle camp to be! Closed jungle on all sides, a moody atmospheric river & of course the heat! I was raring to go!

 Bearded Pigs.
 Water Monitor.
 These beasties can grow to an incredible size!
 They eat anything!

We had a quick lunch with attendant Bearded Pigs & some huge Water Monitors in close attendance & then it was time to be off on the first of several river excursions. This afternoon we had a run down the main Kinabantangan River & a small tributary, the Tenegang.

 The weather was hot, sultry & with just
 a hint of rain.
 Our method of transport were motorized canoes.
Me, looking forward to the afternoon activities.
Eastern Cattle Egrets.
The rare Storm's Stork.
Crested Serpent Eagle.
 Rhinoceros Hornbill.
 This species was very common
 along the river banks.

The very uncommon White-crowned Hornbill.
 Sunda Silvered Leaf Monkey

 Long-tailed Macaque.

We were treated to a spectacular sunset
 on the first day.

The next morning was sunny & the weather was great for bird & wildlife viewing. We set off early & enjoyed some great moments throughout the day.

The river looked a much more inviting place today.
 The Tenegang River, a small tributary
 of the main river.
Primate walkways cross into 
different blocks of forest.
 One of our most sought after & bizarre primates!
Proboscis Monkey.

 Long-tailed Macaque.
 Mutual cleaning is common in primates.

A young one, looking pensive!
 Stork-billed Kingfisher.
 Blue-eared Kingfisher.
 Rufous-backed Kingfisher.
 White-crowned Shama.
 Hooded Pitta.
Malaysian Blue Flycatcher.
We returned to the lodge for lunch & enjoyed great views of Prevost's Squirrel & Water Monitors.

 Prevost's Squirrel.

The very impressive & imposing, Water Monitor.

But then this happened!
 It hammered it down!

 Skating around in the mud!
Stork-billed Kingfisher - taken at mid-day
 in the pouring rain!

We ventured out in the afternoon, but not much was seen until dark, when the weather cleared up. We then all enjoyed a wonderful nocturnal session!

 Buffy Fish Owl.

 Large Frogmouth.
 Uncommon & rarely seen!

 Brown Wood Owl.

We awoke early & set out on the river for our last excursion before moving on.

 The weather was once again not great!

Bornean Pygmy Elephant!
One of the great prizes of the trip.

 Lesser Adjutant - an increasingly rare species.
 Storm's Stork.

Great White Egret.
Jerdon's Baza - a thinly scattered species.
Wrinkled Hornbill.
 The very adaptable Water Monitor.

 White-chested Babbler.

It was with regret that we left this great spot, but this was tempered in the knowledge that our final destination of this tour,could well be the highlight of the whole trip!

 Leaving the Kinabatangan River.


  1. Hi Steve,

    I stayed here in summer 2013. Just as I remember it. You saw a number of birds I didn't - particularly envy you the W-c Hornbill and the Pitta.


  2. Hi Steve,

    Good to see all these photo sharing on blogspot. I will link this website to our new website www.kinabatanganjunglecamp.com