Monday, 3 November 2014

Sepilok & Gomantong Caves

Sepilok Nature Resort.

We arrived at the Sepilok Nature Resort in the early afternoon. After checking in we were once more out & about, this time visiting a large tract of secondary forest & of course the famous canopy walkway!

This is an important sanctuary as it forms a 
green corridor with other protected areas.
 The forest is really magnificent!
 The only way to explore the canopy
 is to go on the walkway!
 Todd, Mark & Susan looking from 
one of the canopy towers.
I am scared of heights!
This is what we were looking for! 
But we didn't see it here.
 Fiery Minivet

 Male feeding young. 

As darkness approached on the canopy walkway, the flying squirrels came out to play!

Red Giant Flying Squirrel.
The entrance to the Gomantong Caves.

The next day we visited the very impressive Gomantong Caves. There are four species of Swiftlet breeding here, whose nests are harvested for birds nest soup! There is a boardwalk through the cave floor & it is a very interesting (if smelly) experience!

 Those little pin-pricks of light are Swiftlet eyes. 
The birds are sat on their nests!

 I don't know the species of bat.

We spent the afternoon driving to the Kinabatangan River, (which was our next destination). on the way we picked up a couple of nice raptor species.
 Bat Hawk.
 Crested Serpent Eagle.

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  1. I saw Bristlehead twice at Sepilok - just got lucky.

    Was the resort you stayed in the one on a lake with wooden walkways? Can't remember the name of the place. Lots of birds even there.