Saturday, 22 August 2015

Clare & Rowan in Africa!

I picked up the two girls on the evening of 14th August. It was great to see them both again. We went for a meal in White River & made plans for the week. It was a long drive home in the dark! Clare hadn't been to the house for ten years! Amazing! So she wandered around looking in every room. It was good to have them home again.

At home

The girls in the car port.

The girls with Stoffel.

Sabie River at the Picnic Site

The girls at the picnic site.

Selfie time!

Clare & Rowan at Skukuza.

Rowan & her Daddy!
In Skukuza, checking my mail.

Giraffe, always great to see.


Cape Buffalo

It was a very hot day considering it is winter!
White Rhino taking it easy!

 Poor quality photos, the light was all wrong 
& it was the middle of the day!

Yes, excuses, I know!

A fantastic sighting & close to the house!

Adult Martial Eagle

The almost obligatory Bushbuck, at Lake Panic.

Egyptian Goose

The next day we went into Kruger very late, mainly to have lunch at The Golf Club. But things didn't go according to plan! It was an amazing game drive with the highlight being two male Cheetahs by the roadside.

The next week was a whirl of going into Kruger (early starts) but we came home to Sabie Park every evening.

The escarpment.

The girls bought Harry the happy Hippo
for Hogwarts.

One day we ran up to Graskop & the neighboring God's Window. The weather was perfect & we had a great time.


Scrub Hare
 Female with two small cubs.

Lion cub.

The last night before Clare departed, we booked a night drive from Paul Kruger Gate. It proved to be one of the best drives ever, with wonderful views of the same pride of Lions we had seen earlier in the day on the S 65 waterhole. 

We also saw an unbelievable five different Leopards!

Taken from the hide at the Picnic Site.

A young male?

I was with a girl called Nyala for this sighting. 
Her parents were obviously people of the bush!

The uncommon White-crowned Lapwing 
flew over the Leopard!

Rowan & I spent the next two days sorting out boxes & belongings in the house. She did a brilliant job! One morning I sneaked out to the picnic site & saw a nice Leopard walking along the far bank of the river.
A nice big male.
Banded Mongoose having a drink.
 A nice male Lion.
 Mature female.

On the move.
This was the dominant male of the pride.

These White-backed Vultures were on a 
Wild Dog kill.
Hooded Vulture - no sign of the Wild Dogs though!
Marico Sunbird attacking its reflection
 in my truck mirror!

On 24th Rowan & I went into Kruger & what a day it was! Three sets of Lions sightings: two different Leopards & all the rest of the big five!

Right at the death a large breeding herd of Elephants were feeding on the traffic island right by Paul Kruger Gate!

In the late evening we heard a bit of a gun battle going on in Kruger between the antti poaching patrol & poachers. Don't know the outcome of this encounter just yet.

25th was spent in Nelspruit finalizing my new kitchen for the house. It looks great on the computer! Fingers crossed!
 A large herd of Cape Buffalo came down to drink
opposite the picnic site.

 Right up on my fence!

In my garden!
Common (Grey) Duiker
Brown-headed Kingfisher
Red billed Wood-hoopoe 

Fork-tailed Drongo

The next day was spent at home doing stuff around the house. Elephants were again right up against my fence all afternoon. It is nearly a daily occurrence these days.

 Male Lion relaxing!

Female Lion.
 A nice daytime Leopard sighting
 Very nice!


A large herd of Cape Buffalo.

One of 25 White Rhino seen today!
Is this a record?
Sable is quite a rare sight these days.
Banded Mongoose in the Skukuza campsite.
African Hawk Eagle
White-backed Vulture
Martial Eagle.
The 27th was spent in Kruger. A nice group of eight Lions was the highlight. Lovely weather & Rowan & I had a good time.

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