Saturday, 22 August 2015

De Hoop Nature Reserve

The road to De Hoop

De Hoop is a top Cape Nature Resrve

On 6th August Odette, her friend Dee & myself visited De Hoop for the day.

Odette having a whale of a time!

Don't get too cocky girl!

I am really brave!

Thanks Dee for taking this award winning photo!
It is priceless!

Marginally better!

The huge vlei at De Hoop, excellent for waterbirds.

Coastal vegetation

A burning management plan is in operation.

Baboons feeding on the recently growing shoots 
after burning.

The girls viewing the wildlife.


Rescued from the brink of extinction.

A good population of Eland are established here.

Cape Mountain Zebra

Ostriches are common on this reserve.

The endemic Cape Francolin

Fiscal Shrike

The very similar Fiscal Flycatcher!

Speckled Mousebirds are common
 in the coastal habitats.

Bully Canary of the Cape race.

On the way to the coast.

At first you get a tantalizing glimpse!

Then a little bit more!

Southern Boubou.

Cape Bulbul

Pied Starling.

Karoo Prinia

Magnificent coastal scenery.

South African Black Oystercatchers.

But this is why one comes here.

Southern Right Whales are seasonal visitors
 along this coast.

At least seven were present in the bay.

Odette & Dee -best buddies.

A really good day out was enjoyed by all. Till the next time!

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