Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Three Amigo's heading south.

Our home for the night.
Views from the chalet over the dam.

After a luxury night in Sandton, complete with an excellent meal & a hot shower, we continued the next morning driving south to the William Pretorius Nature Reserve. It was no longer a Forever Resort having being sold off & it looked a little forlorn in the drought like conditions. However, the chalet was good with a fine view over the dam.

White-browed Sparrow Weaver.
A common species in this part of South Africa.
Male Mocking Chat.
Female around the chalets.
Male Pin-tailed Whydah.
Rock Hyrax.

However, rain clouds soon came in & we had a little rain. Birding was quite good but the light was very poor for photography.

Rob did a little washing late on!


Common Reedbuck
Wonderful scenery on the high ground.

Me & Maarten.
Sable crossing the partly dry dam.

Burchell's Zebra.

The boys survived my cooking & we were out early birding in the nearby game reserve. Animals were scarce until we had breakfast on the edge of the dam, where young green grass proved irresistible for the herbivorous.

Just before mid-day we drove south towards Middleburg & hit some spectacular weather!

Karoo Country Inn.

We spent the night in the Karoo Country Inn watching England demolish Pakistan in the One Day Internationals taking place in the UAE! Bizarre or what?

The next morning was sunny & fine until we started driving! Then the storm came across us very quickly & driving was not a pleasure!



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