Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Three Amigos in the Mountain Zebra National Park

Bakana Mountain Hut.
In a superb mountain setting.

Four Lions are present in this N.P.
We didn't see them though.
Me cooking in the mountain hut.
Photo courtesy of Maarten
The old fashioned way!
Photo courtesy of Maarten
Fiscal Flycatcher.

We arrived at Mountain Zebra National Park in torrential rain & we lucky enough to get accommodation at the Bakana Mountain Hut, which was in a superb setting & was pretty comfortable.

Empty roads & lots of sky!

Cape Buffalo.
Cape Mountain Zebra
Once severely endangered.

Red Hartebeest.

Pale Chanting Goshawk
Ant-eater Chat.
A common species in this national park.

We went on an afternoon game drive & the weather at first was freezing & very windy but we saw quite a lot of game.

Rob & Maarten taking it easy.

Black backed Jackal

Red Hartebeest
This herd of Cape mountain Zebra gave us
 lots of photographic opportunities.

A little frisky!

Yellow Mongoose

Ground Squirrel
Fiscal Shrike
African Rock Martin
Southern Rock Agama
Spike-heeled Lark

Familiar Chat nest building.
Sickle-winged Chat

Scaly-feathered Finch

Cape Bunting
The next morning the 22nd, was quite a contrast: bright cold weather & we saw the national park in a totally different light. Pun intended! We did an extended game drive which was quite productive.

The wonderful Black Wildebeast

Always having fun!
I have been spotted!
Jackal Buzzard
Double-banded Courser

Blue Khoran

After moving in to our chalet at the HQ, Maarten & I went on another game drive which turned out to be excellent. Rob stayed at the chalet because his back was playing up. He missed out!

Black Rhino!
The highlight of this visit!

Jackal Buzzard
Grey-winged Francolin

Pearl breasted Swallow
Orange-throated Longclaw
The 23rd dawned wonderfully! The weather was superb. We all went on a game drive around Kranskop & Umegeni Loops. The latter was a 4 x 4 trail & it paid off in the form of a pair of Black Rhinos! For me the highlight of this park. Fantastic!


Red Hartebeest
Booted Eagle

Black winged Kite.
In the afternoon we went around the Sonnenrust 4 x 4 Loop which was very varied habitat & we spotted a good range of game.

Striped Mouse
Hadeda Ibis
A nice sequence of this bird landing.

Speckled Rock Pigeon
Karoo Robin
Great to see this bird out in the open.

Red eyed Bubul
Pied Starling

Cape White-eye
The next day we birded around the chalets in the camp. It was a beautiful morning & birding was quite good seeing a few Karoo specials. We left the national park reluctantly mid morning. We had had a great little stay & I for one will be back for more!


  1. Thanks Deeps. More photos to come in the next few days. Internet connection is poor here.