Sunday, 20 December 2015

Giant Eagle Owl: Photo Essay

Giant (Milky) Eagle Owl.

The Giant, Verreaux’s or Milky Eagle Owl (Bubo lacteus) is widespread across open woodland, riparian woodlands & the savannahs of southern Africa. Here in the east of South Africa it is a species of large trees along major rivers, but it has a huge territory & will wander quite far away from water sources in the course of its nocturnal hunting.

This species is resident, pairs for life & is very territorial. Its deep guttural hooting is a common sound in late evening from my veranda here at Sabie Park.

Like its name suggest it is a huge owl which is capable of taking large prey items, although its diet is very varied from insects & beetles to bush babies & even animals the size of a Vervet Monkey are taken on occasion.
This bird was playing with a stick
 in the road at dawn.

It was having  lot of fun, pretending to pounce on it
 as if it were prey.

Can I eat it? Don't think so!

It was also playing with this fig fruit, 
rolling it around & then chasing it.
Maybe a young bird?

Here we go again!

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