Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas Day around the world!

Hi everyone,

Looking into Kruger from Sabie Park.

It is Christmas morning here in Sabie Park, it is hot, humid & a bit oppressive! But going down to the pool soon to cool off.

Me with my presents!
Notice the book Rowan!

Sean & Rob.

Spent the morning with Rob, Cath & Sean opening presents on their veranda. Christmas dinner late afternoon. Rob is cooking turkey! Really in this heat? I much prefer ice cream, I think!

The whole family is scattered across the world on four continents! How did that happen?

Clare & Ahmed.
The all important tree!
Excited or what?
Maybe slightly less excited
 with her present!

The good news from Abu Dhabi is that Ahmed managed to wangle two days off flying, so is home with Clare. Great! How did he do that I wonder?

Toni is down in Byron Bay with the family with Rosie & Geoff. I have stayed there, it is a lovely spot. I hope you had a great day, the Ozzie part of the family!

Looking a bit worried love!
Just plain weird!
Rowan Ceggy & Morag
Take 2!
Rowan, obviously in festive mood!

Rowan is working all day! Hope it is not too bad love!

Justin & Nicci.
Gabe being a rock star!
Which lunatic bought him that for Christmas?
Oh my god! No, no ,no Peaches!
You must really hate your neighbours!
A Christmas present for the whole family.

Nicci is at home with the family in Ewell having a relatively quiet day at home. But it is never that quiet on Christmas morning with two young kids!

Cath & Rob.
Russell, Belinda & Rob
Quin & Chad
Cath & Rob
Rob & me!
Cath & me!

I spent the afternoon/evening at Rob & Cath's house. Rob cooked the turkey & did a great job. Their friends Russell & Belinda also came around with their two kids. It was a very nice evening & congrats to the chef!

Last year in Abu Dhabi.

New years eve in the bush! A bit different from last year with all the girls with me. 

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