Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Bring on 2016

Dawn on 1st January 2016.
Looking into Kruger National Park 
from my veranda.

First a Happy New Year to everyone. I sincerely hope that the year is filled with joy, happiness & lots of good times.

My little bush house!

My driveway.
It sometimes has animals in it!

We have had some spectacular storms 
but without bringing much rainfall! 

A very dark Steppe Buzzard.
A terrible photo of a Little Sparrowhawk

Emerald Spotted Wood-dove
Bearded Woodpecker

Tawny Flanked Prinia
Blue billed Firefinch

Last year was an exceptional one for me, with trips to Australia; Western Pacific; Sichuan (China); West Papua, not to mention my home here in South Africa + trips to the UAE & UK. All were memorable, seeing sights, people, animals & of course lots of birds!

I already have this year partially planned, with trips to north east Brazil; Ethiopia; Costa Rica; Gabon; Angola & the sub Antarctic islands of New Zealand. I also have to find time to do a few other things as well, such as meet up with Rowan on her round the world trip with her boyfriend Ceggy.

Cape Buffalo resting in the shade.

On 2nd January I went on an early morning trip into Kruger & picked up all of the Big 5 before nine o'clock! Views were not of the highest quality though.

The river at Phabeni. 
This part of the park has had a little more rainfall,
 hence the greenery.
This herd got very close!
Black necked Stork
Collecting nesting material.

Went back in the park in the afternoon but didn't see much at all. Called in at Albasini Ruins & my picnic was interrupted by these.....

Martial Eagle

This is quite a pale bird, unusual here.
Tawny Eagle
European Bee-eater
Lilac breasted Roller

European Swallow
Blue grey Flycatcher feeding young.
Here is the young bird.


Rob & I went into the park at dawn on 3rd January. We followed the Sabie River & despite having excellent light for photography we didn't see very much!

Came back early to do some packing & cleaning but my plans were somewhat interrupted by listening to the cricket. It was total absorbing carnage! England on the rampage! Brilliant stuff!

Cleaning the house & packing up after a two month stint here. it is always a little sad to leave my little bush house. I probably won't be back until May!

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