Sunday, 31 January 2016

Petrolina Area & the journey to Canudos

It is a grey dawn on the morning of 18th January & I am looking over the vast Rio San Fransisco River from our hotel. Birding doesn't look very promising but how wrong can I be?

Rio San Fransisco River.

We travel out of town, down a sandy side road towards a hill used for communications. It proves to be an outstanding morning & eventually the sun shines!

Pepe, Bret & Marcello.
In the afternoon we travel across the bridge to the neighbouring Bahia State, mainly for a stake out for Pygmy Nightjar. After a bit of effort in the heat, we are successful!

Not all plans go to plan!
Our bus driver manages to bog down our transport in a patch of mud & we get back to our hotel quite late, but enjoy another good meal with beer & wine! Another great day on the tour!

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