Saturday, 11 June 2016

Elangeni & Emanzana Game Reserve

Had a trip to Eland Valley Conservancy & was impressed by the scenery & the birds. I had passed this spot many times but never called in. Found a great place to stay the night & vowed to come back another time.

The Protea Malgas.
My very nice room!
The view!
The Eland River
Reed Cormorant

African Black Duck

Jackal Buzzard
White throated Bee-eater

Kurrichane Thrush
Black Flycatcher
Puffback Shrike

Southern Boubou

Cape White-eye
Spectacled Weaver
Spotted backed Weaver
Streaky headed Canary

The campsite at Elandgeni.

Camped at the Badplass Resort in order to explore the adjacent Emanzana Game Reserve. It is a very scenic spot with rolling grasslands & nice escarpments.

Stoffel in the reserve.
It was a beautiful morning

Good gravel roads bisect the reserve.
Skittish & always distant.

Grassveld Pipit

Black Wildebeest
This is the highland version. What a beast it is!
Burchell's Zebra & Blesbok
Burchell's Zebra


Blesbok were the commonest herd animal here.

Always nice to see.

Red Hartebeest
Impala were uncommon in these hills.

Ostrich were introduced here, 
so they are tame, too tame!
Trying to get inside my car!
Looking into the resort where I camped.

Hadeda Ibis

This is a small, intimate reserve of rolling grasslands & hills. Well worth stopping off for a day & exploring the area.

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