Thursday, 11 May 2017

Egyptian Nightjar

Mark, Oscar & Maarten

The area where the roost is.

Oscar picked me up from Al Reef Villas on 10th May & we met up with Mark & Maarten who were already at the site. This is a area of tamarisk desert & semi desert intermixed with a few farms. Oscar & Mark found Egyptian Nightjar breeding here a couple of years ago. This is a terrific record for the UAE.

So well camouflaged!

This individual could well be a juvenile.

Juvenile individual.
It appears pairs breed in the open desert 
& then young go to a nearby nursery area, 
where there is a communal roost.
Photo courtesy of Mark Smiles.

There are probably around 10-12 pairs scattered over a wide area here. Tonight we heard & saw three males singing + another eight birds at a daytime roost. It was a lovely evening walking in the desert, temperature not too high & low humidity: perfect!

Rufous Bush Chat

Also saw three Rufous Bush Chat & a lone European Roller.

Arabian Hare

There appears to be a good density
 of this species in this area.

Those ears are amazing!

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