Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Southern England in the Spring

Arrived at Heathrow on 21st May. Spent the next week at Nicci & Justin's house just doing local things like taking the grand kids to the park etc. Also watched a bit of football & cricket on the TV, which was fun. Everything good in the Manly house, Nicci is excited about her new Bulletproof course which she has signed up for.


There are a couple of nice green areas 
in the village.

Mute Swan

Canada Goose

Tufted Duck

The female was sat on eggs on an island.

Eurasian Coot

Young one.

Common Moorhen

Young one.

Common Woodpigeon

Carrion Crow

European Robin

Went shopping, bought a Gabe
on special!

Peaches made me a chocolate milk shake,
 complete with umbrella!

The English village green: this is at Frensham.

It would have been rude not to stop!

Wineries are increasing throughout this area.

Rob, Jack & Penny.

On 26th May I cycled down to Winchester to meet up with Rob & Penny. It was a red hot day & now I know why this area is named the Surrey Hills! It was quite a hard ride which took me ten hours to complete. Had a great three days with them & saw Suzy & Jack + Penny's Mum, Betty, who is now 90 years old & as fit as a fiddle!

One morning Rob & I had a walk around the local nature reserve. Saw a distant Red Kite & heard & then glimpsed a Cetti's Warbler. 

I cycled back on 29th & this was a much easier ride. I lie of the land was now in my favour & it was a cool, overcast day with intermittent showers. I made it back in eight hours. It was nice to be on my bike again & this was the first time that I have done quite a long distance on it. It behaved impeccably.

Peaches & Gabe, ready for an adventure!

On 30th May took the kids for a bike ride & then the local playground. They seemed to have a good time!

Peaches & Gabe outside the local jail in Ewell!

In the Italian restaurant later that evening.
The vacant chair is mine!

Now how can three beautiful young ladies
 look as bad as this?
Answer, when you are drunk of course!

Sarah, Nicci & Nicole.
A little better girls!

I suggested that we have a pizza night at home, but somehow this changed into a drunken night out with a cast of thousands in the local restaurant! A great night out though.


Dom & Sarah.
Sarah has a flake stuck up her nose!

Dom trying to look smart!

Alister & Gabe.

Dom photobombing Peaches!

And the other way around of course!

The next day Sarah & I took all the kids out to the seaside. Sarah had picked out a charming little village next to Brighton. It was a great day out & the weather was superb!

Off up north at the weekend to see family & friends.

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