Saturday, 7 October 2017

Archean: Sumatra

I left Abu Dhabi on 4th October & flew to Jakarta & early the next morning to Medan, on Sumatra. This was a pre-tour extension to the main tour birding Archean Province in northern Sumatra. Due to bird trapping & destruction of habitat several species are more likely to be seen in this region than on the main tour.

Dawn looking over Ulu Masen Forest.

The next three days were spent birding the Ulu Masen Forest Complex about one & half hours away from our accommodation. This is an extensive area of largely intact forest set in the mountains. Much of the surrounding forest has now been destroyed. The weather was often very wet but it was good birding on most days. We birded forest from 300 m up to 1,900 m on the high pass, so a wide variety of species were encountered.

The road into the mountains.

Me & our local guide Agus.

Birding in the rain.

Our group, the nurses came & 
took us all home later!

Best birds recorded:

Sumatran Peacock Pheasant; Little Cuckoo Dove; Sumatran Green Pigeon; Mountain Imperial Pigeon; Green billed Malkoha; Banded Bay Cuckoo; Sunda Brush Cuckoo; Sunda Honey Buzzard; Changeable Hawk Eagle; Black Eagle; Besra; Crested Goshawk; Chinese Goshawk; Sunda Owlet; Great Hornbill; Fire Tufted Barbet; Black browed Barbet; Speckled Piculet; Buff rumped Woodpecker; Lesser Yellownape; Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker; Blue throated Bee-eater; Blue crowned hanging Parrot; Long tailed Broadbill; Black & Yellow Broadbill; Blyth's Shrike Video; Bar winged Flycatcher Shrike; Black winged Flycatcher Shrike; Large Woodshrike; Common Iora; Scarlet Minivet; Grey chinned Minivet; White throated Fantail; Sumatran Spangled Drongo; Sumatran Treepie; Malayan Black Magpie; Common Green Magpie; Sunda Yellow vented Bulbul; Archean Bulbul; Grey bellied Bulbul; Black headed Bulbul; Cream Striped Bulbul; Spot necked Bulbul; Sumatran Bulbul; Fluffy backed Tit-babbler; Golden Babbler; Chestnut-winged Babbler; Sunda Scimitar Babbler; Spot necked Babbler; Grey throated Babbler; Buttikofer's Babbler; Sumatran Laughing Thrush; Sunda Laughing Thrush; Black Laughing Thrush; Spectacled Laughing Thrush; Long tailed Sibia; Silver eared Mesia; Mountain White-eye; Black capped White-eye; Yellow breasted (Sunda) Warbler; Eastern Crowned Warbler; Arctic Warbler; Sunda Bush Warbler; Hill Prinia; Blue Nuthatch; Rufous browed Flycatcher; Large Niltava; Indigo Warbling Flycatcher; Verditer Warbling Flycatcher; Shiny Whistling Thrush; Sumatran Leafbird; Blue masked Leafbird; Plain Flowerpecker; Fire-breasted Flowerpecker; Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker; Temminck's Sunbird; Grey breasted Spiderhunter; Yellow eared Spiderhunter & Black headed Munia.

Blyth's Hawk Eagle

Mountain Imperial Pigeon

Sunda Owlet

Black browed Barbet

Blue Nuthatch

Black & Yellow Broadbill

Blue tailed Bee-eater

Spectacled Laughing Thrush
Cream striped Bulbul

Sumatran Bulbul

Scarlet Minivet

Grey chinned Minivet

Indigo Warbling Flycatcher

The race found here is ruficressa.

Silver eared Mesia
Rookmakeri race, which is a potential split.

Fluffy backed Tit-Babbler

Golden Babbler

Blue Masked Leafbird

This species is now rare due to bird trapping.

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