Saturday, 7 October 2017

Mount Kerinci: Sumatra

The 19th October was a long travel day, as we had to fly back to Jakarta & then fly back to Sumatra to Pedang to drive the six hours to Mount Kerinci. It sounds like madness, but the alternative is a three day drive between way Kambas & Mount Kerinci!


Mount Kerinci.

Kerinci is an active volcano!

It is quite a walk even to get to the forest.

The long route to the top!

Sunda Honey Buzzard

Mount Kerinci is yet another of these classic birding locations, holding some scarce & difficult to see mid montane & higher montane species. It is famous for being a difficult place to see birds especially if it rains! Steep slopes & deep mud are common! However on our visit we had dry & very good weather.very lucky indeed! We had two & half days birding here, on one day climbing up to 2,500 m. It was some of the most exciting birding of the whole tour.

Sumatran Frogmouth, male.


Sumatran Trogon

Shiny Whistling Thrush

Sumatran Whistling Thrush

Snowy browed Flycatcher

Schneider's Pitta; young bird.

Lesser Shortwing

Best birds included:

Red billed Partridge; Sumatran Peacock Pheasant; Salvadori's Pheasant; Sunda Cuckoo; Sumatran Frogmouth; Sunda (Collared) Owlet; Sumatran Trogon; Wreathed Hornbill; Grey throated Babbler; Spot necked Babbler; Rusty breasted Wren Babbler; Sumatran Rimator; Eye browed Wren Babbler; Sumatran Cochoa; Large Niltava; Lesser Shortwing; Shiny Whistling Thrush; Sumatran Whistling Thrush & Snowy browed Flycatcher.

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