Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Mountain Zebra National Park

This is a really scenic spot on the map.

 The once rare Mountain Zebra, 
after which the park is named.

On my long drive back home I called in for a two night stay in The Mountain Zebra National Park. I have of course stayed here before a couple of years ago & it is an amazing place to spend some time.

The campsite was completely empty.

Just me here! No one else!

White browed Sparrow Weaver

Cape Wagtail

I arrived on the 3rd December & left on the 5th & I was the only person staying in the campsite during my stay!

A typical Karoo scene.

Lots of space out here!

Gorgeous animal & very different
 to it plains cousin.

Black Wildebeast


A mature male.

Red Hartebeast

A very young calf.


A typical Karoo scene.


Two young male Springbok sparring.

In the mountains you get  a slightly
different set of mammals.

Grey Rhebok

Confined to the mountains

One of the four wheel drive tracks.

One of the real prizes of this national park...

Black Rhino!

Female with calf.

Difficult to observe, as very shy.


One of the highlights of this trip.

Many of the dams & waterholes were dry.


Tiny pools are still found, 
but the whole area is very dry.
This Yellow billed Duck is struggling.

I eventually saw the Lions!


Lion was re-introduced into this national park 
a few years ago, after an absence of over 100 years.

There are two males & five females
 here at the moment.

Black backed Jackal

Found in good numbers here.

Male Ostrich


This species is doing well in this habitat.

Ant-eater Chat

Common here.

Sickle-winged Chat

Spike heeled Lark

Common on the higher plateaus.

Clapper Lark.

Usually a difficult species to see well.

Ground Squirrel

Yellow Mongoose

Still common in upland, dry habitats.

During my stay here, I covered all three 4x4 routes & all of the main tourist roads as well. They go through some great scenery & I really enjoyed my time here.

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