Saturday, 27 January 2018

Marakale National Park

The entrance to the park, 
with the Waterburg Mountains
in the distance.

The campsite.

I arrived at Marakale National Park mid-afternoon of 23rd January, after a long drive. It was a lovely afternoon, so I just stayed within the campsite & chilled out.

Slowly climbing the mountains.

Barn Swallow

Steppe Buzzard



On top of the world!

The next day, the 24th, I was up early & drove along Ndlopfy Drive & the Mbidi Road to the top of the mountain range. It was incredibly scenic & I didn't see another vehicle all morning. The vegetation range was incredible, changing all the time. 

Cape Vulture

Very much endangered these days.

Game was not prolific, but it was a lovely morning & the Cape Vultures at the top were superb. 

Blue Wildebeast

Burchell's Zebra

European Roller

I spent the afternoon driving the routes around the campsite area. But it was quiet. After a stormy night I decided to pull up camp & leave early for home.

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