Tuesday, 27 February 2018

A brief sojourn in The Maldives.

Well the date has finally arrived: 23rd February. Karen is flying from Doha & myself from Abu Dhabi, to Male in The Maldives. We haven't seen each other for quite some time due to our respective commitments, Karen working in Doha & me travelling around southern Africa, but we kept in daily contact & we both eagerly anticipating our holiday.

Bandos Island

The Maldives are a vast archipelago of over 1,000 islands, stretching more than 800 kms north to south. Around 200 islands are inhabited by the local population with around 80 islands being purely island resorts, such as the one we were staying at.

We have arrived! 
Our transport to the island in the background.

Everything went smoothly & we both arrived on time! It was hot & sweaty, but we were both relieved to see each other had actually made it! We enjoyed a ten minute boat ride in a nice yacht to the island of Bandos, our home for the next eleven nights.


Our bit of beach, opposite our villa.

Our home!
Karen had brought several pairs
 of high heeled shoes,
 but flip-flops rule here!

Karen & I.

Our first evening, very tranquil.

We were taken to our Jacuzzi Beach Villa & unpacked & settled in. Then went exploring & found out how tiny our little bit of paradise actually was! A twenty minute walk took us around the island! it was beautiful though & we spent the evening watching the sunset at the nearby Huvan Restaurant. a perfect ending to a lovely day!

The villas.

These Agamid lizards were common.

The Spa

Beautiful beaches & secluded bays.

The beach close to our villa.

Crystal clear water,
 great for frolicking in!

Dr No anyone?


It's good to be here!


The next morning we went to the spa, but everything was so expensive that we decided to give it a miss! We then hit the beach & sea for the rest of the morning.

We arrived one hour early because
 there are no clocks here!

Pat & Martina

Pat, Martina & us!

The Dhow cruise!

We decided to stage our own fake wedding!

We sent these shots to my girls,
 but they didn't fall for it!

I thought this shot would get them
 believing, but no!

I thought it was the best
 fake wedding ever!

In the afternoon went to the very nice pool & met Pat & Martina, a lovely couple who are living in Kuwait. They were here to renew their wedding vows & invited us along for the event the next evening. The 25th went by in  flash! More beach & pool fun then got ready for the main event of the day on the beach! It was a lovely evening with some great people.

Early morning at The Sea Breeze Restaurant

Karen doing some Tai Chi in the morning.

It is a lot more difficult than it looks!

I tried it & my backed ached a lot!

You are just showing off now!

Grey Heron

This bird was always fishing from here & here's why!

Black tipped Reef Sharks

In the daytime!

Early in the evening!

The girls!

The boys!

Me & my girl!
On the 26th we spent sometime with Pat & Martina & then enjoyed a lovely dinner in the evening.

The rest of our time here just blended into a haze of lazying, swimming & dining. The days seemed to fly by. Time just disappeared! If someone had told me I could spend twelve days on a tiny island doing next to nothing & be happy, I wouldn't have believed them. Mind you the company was good!

Evening at The Huvan Restaurant

Early evening....

Developed into this spectacular sunset!

Another day in paradise!

Picture postcard setting!

The pool area was really nice.

This is really funny, it started to rain 
& we were the only people left by the pool!!
Fear of getting wet maybe?

The beach opposite our villa, 
which quickly became our beach!

One of these feet is not mine!

Conservation is taken seriously here.

Karen doing what she does beautifully!

Karen, having another day off!

Sunset, opposite our villa.

One of many evenings like this.

The Sea Breeze Restaurant

Karen at The Sea Breeze

Early morning at The Sea Breeze

There are plenty of shaded walkways
 cris-crossing the island.

Golden collared Fruit Bat.

Very common on he island

Getting a good photo at dusk proved impossible
 without a flash

Me, outside the Thai Restaurant.

How to treat a lady!

I am afraid it is not ours!

All good things come to an end!
Leaving the island on the boat.

We both enjoyed an amazing holiday which exceeded all our expectations. It is wonderful to report that we are going to spend the rest of our lives together!

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  1. Steve, Superb photographs. It was a pleasure to meet you both on your trip to the Maldives. What a wonderful island and wonderful company. Both myself and Martina wish you both every happiness for the future. Hope to catch up with you both again