Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Holidays, 2011: Part 1.

Christmas, in the James household, always begins on 13th December. This is the date of Nicci’s birthday and ever since she was a little girl, (after all the fuss of her birthday had died down), we would dress the Christmas tree, before bedtime. We still do it today, although Nicci, Justin and their children were in Euell, England, while Carol and Clare, were decorating the tree, here in Abu Dhabi. Because of my limited creative abilities, I am usually relegated to picking up the tree and humping it in, and around, the house. This can take some time, as Carol rarely decides straight away where to position the tree! In fact, she usually takes three or four shots at it!

This year, only Toni, Johnny & family were missing from the celebrations.  Living in eastern Australia, means it is a long and expensive trip for them. So, this blog is really for them. We miss you guys!

Carol and the girls as usual, did an excellent job on decorating the tree and then all we had to do was wait for the Manlys to arrive here in Abu Dhabi.

A fine specimen!
I am talking about the tree!

Meanwhile, on that same night in Euell, Nicci was celebrating her 40th birthday! (She had a seventies theme, just in case you didn’t realise)! That little girl, has finally grown up and I now don’t give her pocket money anymore! Well, may be just a little bit! This is what they got up to! Rowan travelled from Brighton Uni to be there, before flying out to be with us. The rest of the gang, flew out a few days later, when their sore heads had subsided a little!

It is winter in England and our family was in dire need of some sun. The Club here in Abu Dhabi, is brilliant for families and so most days are spent on the beach, or in the pool. The plan is to tire the kids out, so that they go to bed early and parents can have some downtime. The reality, is often somewhat different, with parents sometimes not making the grade and disappearing for a quick snooze! The kids are all excited and just fine!

The wet and happy Manlys!

Carol, I just love those earings!
Nicci, in a typical pose!

why are you wearing that silly hat?
who is not on Eastbourne beach!

Peaches, looking quizzical!

Justin, being Manly!
Pineapple anyone?

Ahmed, looking cool!

Gabriel, looking cooler!
 Clare & Ahmed.

The Club choir.
Daddy & daughter.

Christmas Eve, back home.

Just before bedtime!

Boys, well, being boys!

Christmas Eve, is always a special time and this year we stayed on at The Club beach for their celebrations. They did us proud, with mulled wine, lots of Christmassy food, a Christmas choir and the grand finale, Santa arriving on a camel! Everyone had a great time and it was a fantastic way to kick start Christmas off. Well done The Club!

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