Monday, 19 December 2011

"Where do Rhinos lay their eggs?"

Carol & I have been visiting Kruger National Park since the middle of the 1980's. It pays to keep your ears open and over the years, we have overheard some amazing conversations.
A few of them went a little bit like this.........

“Where do Rhinos lay their eggs?”

White Rhinos, looking for somewhere to lay their eggs!

A recently hatched White Rhino!

“What do I do, if a get bitten by a Lion?” (British tourist, maybe a first time visitor)?

This Lion is just a bit too tired, to be concerned
with biting anyone. But, this could change at any time!

“What time can you expect the Lions to roar?” (German punctuality expected).

I bet, he would love to be able to roar!

“At what time do they round up the animals & lock them in cages for the night?” (German again)?

How is this going to work?

“Isn’t this a difficult job?” (Same German, refers to the above question).

This job could be tougher than I thought!

“ Do giraffes hunt in packs?” (Japanese tourist).

A pack of Giraffes on the look out for prey!

The hunt is on!

Notice, how they cunningly lure their prey,
 into a false sense of security!

Why don’t they clean up the park by picking up all this elephant dung? It really is disgusting!” (British tidy freak).

One of the culprits!

“Who planted all these trees here?” (Heard on more than one occasion)!

Just a few of the planted trees in KNP!

“Who cuts the grass in Kruger? I would imagine that this is a difficult job!” (British).

One of the little grass cutters!

"Who are you calling a grass cutter?"
“Where do the elephants go to have their babies? It is so dirty here, they must go somewhere cleaner!” (Unknown European nationality).
 A breeding herd of Elephants,
on the move to find somewhere cleaner!


“Was Nelson Mandala a good Australian President?” (American tourist).

“Which highway did you take, to get from South Africa to New York?” (American tourist, with a very loud voice)!

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  1. I happily found myself reading this post today whilst lightheartedly searching for "Why don't rhinos lay eggs?" (They ARE very dinosaur-like and I wanted to know 'the story' as I don't know much about the evolution of species)

    This is such an entertaining and amusing post! I love the captions and pictures to go with it... My kind of humour. Good stuff!