Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Holidays, 2011: Part 2.

It is 5.15am and it is dark this Christmas morning. I am just off to work, while everyone else, sleeps a little longer! Finally, got back home around 3pm, to find that they had very nearly started without me! Carol and the girls had been working hard in the kitchen, some welcoming smells there! Children had been very good, adults less so! The moment we have all been waiting for – present opening time!

Carol, getting a nice surprise!

It is my turn now!

Nicci, looking very Chrissmassy!

A fine pair!
Peaches, with a lot of stuff!

 It's starting!

Beginning to get a little messy!

It started in an orderly manner, but soon descended into our normal chaos! For some, it was all too much!

The end!
  Read the cover!

Sister act!

A lot to smile about?

Carol, looking horrified/surprised?

Rowan, enjoying a quiet moment!

Dressed to kill?

Is this the worst present ever?
A bit of a hint perhaps?

Sister Act 2.

Princess Peaches, in a fairytale!

And now,
 for something completely different!

We did well from Santa today!

Read the label, if you can!
Drew, Hazel and Amy arrived, with more presents! Plus extra food, just in case….

Amy & her Mum, Hazel. 

Hazel & Drew,
 with the shortest DVD set in the world?

I received one very special present from them. I will show you how good it is!

Real scary eh?

Where's your magic powers now,
 then Spiderman?

Everyone is getting in on the act now!
Is it because I look so cool?

Time for the dinner. This is what the table looked like before……


All set!

Is it the Lizard Boy? No, it's Pudding Man!

They are just stealing my thunder, now!

She wears it so well!
 Spiderman, getting the hang of it!

With a little bit of help, from Daddy!

Starting to get a wee bit tired now!

Desparate measures!

My bar & the new bar girl!

Thanks Carol, for all your hard work!

Till next year then?

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