Saturday, 21 June 2014

Kruger days - southern section


The 18th June was our first full day excursion into Kruger National Park. Our home is along the border of the southern section & so this is the area that we journey into the most. Today, we did one of our most frequent circuits: Paul Kruger Gate; Skukuza; H4-1 to Lower Sabie Camp; H-1- to Mlondozi Picnic Area; S129 & back along the Salitje Road to PKG via the H-11. It was a full twelve hour game drive.

We saw 21 species of mammal + a few species of reptile & birds of course! Here are the highlights:
Crossing the Sabie River in late afternoon.
A lone male Elephant.
Part of a herd of 450+ Buffalo coming down to drink
  on the Sabie River.
A young male Bushbuck.
 African Jacana.

 African Black Crake.

 Lesser Pied Kingfisher.

 Hippos & Crocs at Sunset Dam.
 It is unusual to get Hippos feeding
 out of the water at mid-day.

 Yellow-billed Stork.
 White-crowned Plover (Lapwing).
 This species is confined to the larger rivers.

 White-browed Robin-Chat.
 Tawny Eagle.
 Long-tailed Shrike.
Giant Eagle Owl (taken in fading light).
On 20th June we lunched at Skukuza Camp & then went on an afternoon game drive. It turned out to be a memorable one!
Part of a pack of nine Wild Dogs.
  They were setting out on a hunt, but took time out
 to play along the way!


On 22nd June we undertook another all day game drive in Kruger. This time driving to Tshokwane, Orpen Dam, Nkumbe Lookout & returning via the S21 & S114.

We saw 22 species of mammal & dome good bird sightings.
 Ceggy & Rowan at Kruger Tablets.
 Orpen Dam.

Hippos & Red-billed Oxpeckers.
 African Black Crake.
Malachite Kingfisher.

 Nkumbe Lookout.
 One of the great views in Kruger.
 Female Elephants with young.

 Kori Bustard.
Mick & Lynn Dryden came to stay for a couple of days. They proved to be delightful companions & we found out that we are living parallel lives, on different sides of Kruger National Park!
 Mick, Lynn & myself.

Crocodile at Lake Panic.

 Goliath Heron.

 Great White Egret.
Tawny Eagle.

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