Saturday, 21 June 2014

Winter days in Sabie Park.

I arrived in a freezing cold Johannesburg early morning on 15th June. I quickly transferred to the nearby Sunrock Guesthouse & fell asleep! I awoke around mid-day & it was still very cold ( I had just come from 42 degrees Celsius & it was now around 9 degrees Celsius). Had a walk around, but all shops were closed, as it was a public holiday!  A bit bored, so watched the World Cup on the TV.
Up early the next morning to greet Rowan & Ceggy, who arrived on time, as did Toni with the hire car. Without much ado, we were speeding down the highway eastwards, towards Nelspruit. A short stop at Milley's for lunch & a bit of food shopping, then onwards to Sabie Park.
This sign greeted us upon arrival!
The view from the veranda, looking into
 Kruger National Park.
 Arrived in late afternoon, just in time to get things organised in the house & sun downers on the veranda! Everyone was tired so went to bed early, but woken up by a male Lion roaring very close by. It was good to be home!
Next day was a settling in day. Camping gear to be checked & aired. One or two things not working in the house, after an eight month period without anyone staying.
All this activity is too much for some!

It seemed appropriate!
My father's day celebration - a couple of days late!
Breakfast at home.
The magnificent Sabie River,
which borders the park.
Elephants & Buffalo are often seen in the river.

Blue Wildebeest in Sabie Park. 
Blue Wildebeest with plenty of young.
 Burchell's Zebra.
The emblem of Sabie Park.
Female Kudu.
A pair of Bushbuck are always around the garden.

 They have a baby with them!
The very large male Warthog which has my land
as part of his territory!
One evening we watched a pair of Leopards mating!
 You can only see the male in these photos.
Sub-adult African Fish Eagle.
Lesser Black-winged Plover is a scarce winter
visitor to Sabie Park.
 Yellow-billed Hornbill.
Red-billed Hornbill.
 Purple-crested Turaco.
 Golden-tailed Woodpecker.
Lilac-breasted Roller.
White Helmetshrike.
Common Puff-backed Shrike.
Dark-capped Bulbul
 Southern Black Tit.
Blue-grey Flycatcher.
Greater Blue-eared Starling.
Collared Sunbird.
White-bellied Sunbird.
This photo is just for you Hazel!

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