Sunday, 8 June 2014


It was my last weekend in the States for this trip, so we decided to stay local. Barbara had an invite to join the race committee at the Eastern Yacht Club in Marblehead & so off we went. It was a lovely morning & a pleasant drive up the coast. I went first to the small nature reserve on the neck & Barbara went off to play on the water!

 Marblehead, looking from the neck
into the sheltered bay.

Barbara, in Marblehead.
The pond at the reserve - looking a wee bit different
from the March photograph!
It was a rather hot, but glorious morning & the nature reserve looked very different from my last visit! Birds were a little more numerous as well.
 Male Common Eider.

 Female Common Eider.
 Greater Black - backed Gull
 Eyeing up a dead Skate.
 Tucking in!
 American Herring Gull
First summer plumage American Herring Gull.
Mallard with chicks in the reserve.

 European Starlings.
 American Robin preening.
 Red eyed Vireo.
 Yellow Warbler.

 Black & White Warbler.

 American Redstart.
Cedar Waxwing.
Female Brown-headed Cowbird.
Best birds: Double-crested Cormorant 300+; Black crowned Night Heron 2; Common Eider 25+; Common Tern 2; Chimney Swift 30+; Ruby-throated Hummingbird; Downy Woodpecker 4; Northern Flicker; Least flycatcher; Empidemax Flycatcher sp.2; Great Crested Flycatcher 2; White-breasted Nuthatch 2; Carolina Wren; Cedar Waxwing 10; Yellow Warbler; Chestnut-sided Warbler 2; Black & White Warbler 2; American Redstart 2 & House Finch.

Sunset over Marblehead.
 A very popular spot on a Saturday evening.

Barbara & I met up late afternoon for a walk around the old town. Then we drove down to Revere Beach, (which was a total contrast to Marblehead) & visited Kelly's for a chocolate milkshake (& it was very good), before heading back to Belmont.

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