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A summer sojurn in England

I flew in to Manchester on 21st July. It was a blistering hot day & the airport was really busy with holiday-makers. I picked up the car & drove across the Pennines with the brilliant light bathing the beautiful countryside. I arrived at Rob & Helen's house in Crowle in mid-evening. This was to be my home for the night & Helen had cooked a great meal & invited Ken & Carol along. All four will be going to my house in Sabie Park in late October, so we had lots to talk about & plan. It was an excellent evening that passed by all too quickly.

Beverley is flanked by the beautiful
Yorkshire Wolds countryside.
 Martin, myself & Amanda.
Toni had made a little
 drawing for me!
 A very historic market town.

 My favourite shop!

The wonderful St. Marys Church.
 And then there is this!
 Beverley Minster.

The next day I drove to the very English market town of Beverley in East Yorkshire. Staying the next two nights with Martin & Amanda (who are soon to be married). We enjoyed a lovely evening in the garden & the following day I drove to Doncaster on family business.

Mine is the red one!

The 24th, started like any normal day, a trip to my bank in Hornsea, & a pleasant drive back to Beverley. Then bang! While I was stationary, I young lad of 17 years old (who had just passed his test) ran into the back of me & then into the side of the car. There were no air bags & I flung myself sideward to escape injury & it worked! I walked out unscathed! A few hours later I had a change of car & I was on my way!
Before the fateful incident!

A week before - Phoebe (Jim's daughter) winning the 
York stage of the Tour de France! Really?
 No, but it looks like she is having a great time!

The next day I went to Catwick to stay with Jim, an old friend from days of yore. We decided to cycle to a countryside pub & have lunch. Everything was perfect, excellent beer, good food & even better company. We then continued a few miles down the road to another pub to watch a rugby match. We left late, in fact very late! Despite my warnings that we had imbibed one too many, Jim insisted on cycling home. This turned out to be a very bad decision! In the dark of the early hours of the next morning Jim fell off his bike & fell hard! He was out cold & bleeding rather badly. Police & ambulance were summoned & we spent the next five hours at the A&E in Hull Royal Infirmary. He was eventually discharged & we ploughed into our beds around 6am! The next day was one of gradual recovery & yours truly playing nursemaid! Jim managed to survive my cooking & by evening, was showing signs of improvement, so we put the moth traps out!

Mercury vapour moth trap.

 Jim, still a little battered & bemused!

 Elephant Hawk Moth.
Mike & Jim recording the species trapped.

I left Jim in the capable hands of Mike Ibbotson & enjoyed a quick pit stop with Janet & Charlie in Hull. It was nice to see them again & catch up on family events.
How very true!

 Ilkley Moor

 Looking into the dale of Ilkley.

I then drove across Yorkshire to meet up with Rowan & Ceggy in the delightful hill town of Ilkley, on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.

 The River Wharfe in the town.
 Rowan & Ceggy.
 For all you Americans: this is not baseball!
It is of course, the finest & most refined
 of games - cricket!
The opening stage of the Tour de France
was in this area. The entire route was lined like this!
 All very Yorkshire!

After a very pleasant evening Rowan & I got up early & went to a viewpoint above the town to see the moors. It was a lovely morning & we had to leave all too quickly for the long drive down to Brighton. It was a boring & very busy drive, but we had something to look forward to the very next day!

Rowan, before the big event!
The 29th dawned bright & sunny. Nicci had arrived the previous evening & we were all dressed up for the big event- Rowan's graduation ceremony! Everything went to plan & Rowan was dressed in her gown & hat! She looked a little nervous!

A happy girl!
The proud Daddy & his girl!
The ceremony was very nice & Rowan managed to receive her scroll without falling down the stage stairs. Not as easy as you think, wearing those heels! Champers & lots of smiles followed!

Rowan & friends.
Me & my girlfriend!

 Later that evening we all went out to Jamie Oliver's Restaurant with a couple of Rowan's friends to celebrate! It was a brilliant evening.

 Nicci & Sarah's café.
 It is in a great position on the main high street.
Window display.
 Nicci in the kitchen.
 Some of the very unusual
art work on display.
 What the kids like!
Quite a clever touch! Read carefully!
Up early the next day to drive to Nicci & Justin's place in Ewell. Had a quick look at Nicci & Sarah's café venture. What a transformation from what it was before they took over the lease! It looks lovely & they seem to be doing well. 

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