Sunday, 13 July 2014

Our last full day in Kruger.

Today, (13th July), is our last full day in Kruger National Park. It is always a rather bittersweet occasion because Kruger is such a wonderful destination. We set off at dawn turned onto the S3 (the dirt road opposite our house) & bumped straight into four Lions including a fine adult male, a sub adult male & a couple of Lionesses.
Fine adult male Lion.
We were heading for Lower Sabie Camp, but had lots of distractions along the way!
Grey Heron.
Lesser Black-winged Plover
 African Hawk Eagle.
 Lizard Buzzard.
 Very poor record shots of two Cheetahs.
White Rhino.
A small group of breeding females with young.
One way to have a rest!

 A family of Baboons kept us entertained for a while.
 Common Reedbuck
A group of Black Storks at Sunset Dam.
Dark-breasted Barn Owl.
Mocking Chat.
Lappet-faced Vulture

Just after leaving Lower Sabie Camp a fine Lioness crossed the road in front of us. Ceggy managed to get off a few shots. Not bad Ceggy (& he was using my camera)!
Eleven Lionesses in a river bed.
After our Lion drought over the last few weeks, we came across a large group of Lionesses just a few kilometres from the last sighting.

Female Leopard.
 Just south of Skukuza we saw two Leopards on the banks of the river. They had killed an Impala.

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