Saturday, 19 July 2014

Life on the sea for me!

Andrew Ward eventually picked me up in his Porsche, after first getting lost on the way to my place! I must say, it was quite a nice motor to traverse the mountains in & we arrived at Kalba on the east coast, in no time at all.
Me, pretending this is my motor!
This is far too nice a car for Andrew to be driving!
Today's crew of willing birders!

It was nice to see a few old faces again & after formalities at port immigration, we set out.

Jacky provided this routing for me. Thanks Jacky!
 Today we were going a long way out. We eventually turned around at over the 70kms from shore mark, which is pretty close to Iranian territorial waters!
 Lesser Noddy.

After a few kilometres we hit a flock of feeding terns & Simon spotted a fine adult Lesser Noddy wheeling high above them. This is a rare but regular summer visitor to these waters. Shortly after it was my turn to spot a tern! This time a juvenile Sooty Tern. It gave decent views, but didn't hang around too long.
 Long-tailed Skua.

Then a first summer Long-tailed Skua put in a bit of a show. Always a brilliant species to see in these waters.

Flesh-footed Shearwater.
All bird photos courtesy of Jacky Judas.
Thanks Jacky!

Finally we spotted a Flesh-footed Shearwater. And that was the last of the good birds. What followed was a lot of empty sea & sun!
A big thanks to Abdullah for taking us out in the Holy Month of Ramadan. Remember, he is fasting, no food or water at all & in these temperatures!

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