Sunday, 11 January 2015

KNP: January 2015

Today, (11th January) was my first full day inside Kruger National Park. I really wanted to give the truck a run, as well as see the wildlife of course! I chose to go down the tarred road on the south side of the Sabie River to Lower Sabie Restcamp. At first the weather was dull & overcast but it quickly gave way to bright sunny conditions. In the early morning I had three different Spotted Hyaenas & a White Rhino female with a small calf, but nothing else of interest.

At Stevenson Hamilton Memorial Lookout.
The view from Stevenson Hamilton.
I just had to get the truck in somewhere!
One of the finest views in Kruger,
 or even South Africa!
Nkumbe Lookout.

After breakfast I decided to return via the Nkumbe Lookout. It was incredibly beautiful & very green. I then made a quick stop at Orpen Dam, before returning to Skukuza via Tshokane picnic spot.
The wonderful Orpen Dam.
She was finding it a little warm!
A small part of the large herd of Cape Buffalo.

There was a Lioness panting under a bush, five White Rhino & 700+ Cape Buffalo. 

Adult Martial Eagle


This bird obligingly flew off the road 
& into a nearby tree.

Male Knob-billed Duck - very impressive!

The female is a little less impressive!
Red-billed Oxpecker on a Bushbuck.
European Roller.

Woodland Kingfisher.
Red-backed Shrike.
Long-tailed Paradise Whydah.
Southern Masked Weaver.

I drove to Paul Kruger Gate & home via the Diospane Road & the S3. It was a full thirteen hours in the field but I did see some good birds, without the trip being too memorable.

23rd January & I took a drive into the park. Along the river, then cut across to the Waterhole Road & back to Skukuza. In the afternoon I drove along both sides of the Sabie River. It was a strange day, as I saw very little, hardly any wildlife & hardly any birds!

Martial Eagle.
A juvenile Martial Eagle posed nicely.

Once the big boy arrived, the two young males 
stopped messing about!

A party of Elephants were quite entertaining at the N'waswitshaka Waterhole. 

Black Stork on a small pond near the S 3.

Water Monitor basking in the late afternoon sunshine.

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