Sunday, 11 January 2015

Three-banded Plover: Photo Essay.

Three-banded Plover is a common resident of rivers, ponds & dams throughout this part of South Africa. Today, (11th January) I came across a pair getting ready for breeding, on some dried mud on the edge of Sunset Dam, close to Lower Sabie Restcamp.

Female, enlarging the chosen spot.
Both birds were very particular about picking up
 tiny bits of debris.
 Some were removed, other bits placed carefully
 in the hollow.
Lots of calling & displaying between the pair.

The male sometimes shaded the female 
when she was occupying the hollow.

I watched the birds for quite some time. First making a nesting scrape, by using its breast to make a depression & then using its feet to kick unwanted debris out of the newly established shallow hollow. It took quite sometime to do this.

Getting ready!

Obviously a delicate moment!

The birds mated & the female then ran back to her chosen hollow.

I will try & keep an eye on this pair, to see how successful they are. They have chosen quite a public place!

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