Friday, 9 January 2015

My new truck!

Picking up the truck in White River.

It is 7th January & I have just arrived in  South Africa & picked up my truck (the top of the range VW Amarok). I love it! It is so easy to drive for a beast this size, & has all the bells & whistles that anyone could wish for. I have been driving around Kruger with a big smile on my face! It is fantastic to be so high up, for wildlife viewing.

In Kruger!

The view is going to change pretty soon!

Along the S65 Waterhole Road.

Top of  Mathekenyane.

In my new carport.

The interior - before the covers go on!

Here are a few photos of the truck before it gets an overhaul!

Now, I have to get organised to get the vehicle expedition ready. This will entail quite a lot of correspondence & a few nights away from home, while they get the truck ready for me. I hope it will be worth it.

I spent most of the day of the 19th January at the AluCab workshop in Johannesburg. It really was quite exciting going through all of the equipment & making choices! After a lot of deliberation I decided. You will have to wait a few days to see what I have picked! Expect the best! The truck goes in for fitment on 26th & it will take three or four days.

This post will be ongoing, as things happen to my vehicle. I thought it might be quite interesting to see the metamorphosis.

They are working on it! 
The package on the wheel is an air-jack
It is now the 29th January & I spent all day in the AluCab Workshop & it is still not quite ready!

They are getting there!

The kitchen - in the rear window!
All seats are now covered. With big pockets in the
 rear of the seats to store items.
Notice the snorkel!
Notice the roof -top tent & sand ladders.
This is the other side: notice the canopy!

There are a whole host of features which are hard to see. Most notable are:
42 liter extended fuel tank
75 liter water tank (drinking water & for that shower)!
Full sized table, situated in the inside roof.
Kitchen & cooker set.
Recovery box.

Still have to go back in the morning & pick up a few things. But essentially we are ready to roll!
This will be my second home for the next ten years exploring East & Southern Africa. Bring it on!

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