Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Abu Dhabi Islands

The Intercontinental Hotel Marina.

It is Friday 15th May & it is a tad warm here in Abu Dhabi! I had arrived here last Saturday after my monster trip. It is nice to be back & going out on a little trip! I had arranged with Captain Maarten for a short jaunt around some of the islands just off AD for breeding seabirds. We all met at 8 am & we were off!

Looking back to the city of Abu Dhabi.

 Captain Maarten

Tim, Robin, Maarten, Simon & Oscar.

Socotra Cormorant

A dark phase Western Reef Heron

Landing on the first island.

 Bridled Tern
 Bridled Terns wheeled overhead in good numbers.

 They are nesting in and under boulders
 on the island.

White-cheeked Tern
This is the commonest species of Tern
 breeding on these islands.
However, all tern species in this area are declining 
as breeding species, due to on-going development.

 This was quite surprising, seeing recently fledged 
Saunder's Little Terns so early in the season.

Oscar on the prowl!
Mangroves being planted on a 
recently dredged island. 

Ruddy Turnstones migrating through
 in good numbers.
 Lesser crested Terns
 It was surprising to find this species here
 in good numbers at this time of year.
Possibility of breeding, which would be a first
 for this location.
 Have to return in June to check this out.

Thanks Maarten for another great day out. Till the next time.

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