Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Matsudaira's Storm Petrel: Photo Essay

Matsudaira's Storm Petrel.

Matsudaira's Storm Petrel was one of my most wanted species to see & see well on the WPO. The reason is it could possibly occur here in the UAE. It would be a genuine vagrant, not a rare visitor if it were to occur. 
Identification is not that straight forward, as confusion with Swinhoe's Storm Petrel is a real possibility. Swinhoe's Storm Petrel appears to be a very rare, but regular visitor in the summer months to the east coast (Indian Ocean) of the UAE. However, it has been suggested that some of our records of this species are in fact Matsudaira's Storm Petrel. I don't believe this is the case & the following photos highlight some of the identification features of Matsudaira's Storm Petrel.

Text to be completed - no time off to China now!

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