Friday, 15 May 2015

The WPO: Santa Isabel Island

We sailed overnight to Santa Isabel Island & arrived at dawn on 19th April. Unfortunately it was pouring with rain & dull & overcast. The trip via zodiac into the channel was truly awesome, with amazing views of forested hills coming right down to the sea. It was a shame that it was terrible weather.

 This photo was taken later in the day, 
when the weather was much better.

Beach Kingfisher

Large numbers of Parrots flew overhead & a couple of Beach Kingfisher were seen in the splash zone.

We then landed at a small resort & went birding in the forest. Birding was very tough but after a struggle we saw Yellow-throated White-eye; Red-capped Myzomela & Island Imperial Pigeon. All new birds for me!

David, Arthur & Me. 

Captain Horatio Collins!

Saying good bye!

Our temporary home!

In the afternoon we went to another small community & hiked up into some very good, but incredibly humid forest. We heard Melansian Megapode & then saw one! Brilliant stuff! I didn’t take any photos because of the very trying conditions including periods of torrential rain. 

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