Saturday, 27 February 2016

Ethiopia: Bale Mountains & Leiben Plain.

We stayed at the base of the Bale Mountains & so had to drive up each day. But this gave us a great chance to bird the various habitats en route. We were incredibly lucky with the weather & we had a fabulous time.

As one goes higher, the trees melt away.

Chestnut naped Francolin

Photo courtesy of Paul Edmondson.
Thekla Lark

Augur Buzzard.


Here it comes!

Ethiopian Wolf!
What a star!
One of the highlights of the trip!

Rouget's Rail

Photo courtesy of Paul Edmondson.

Blue-winged Goose.

Ethiopian Siskin

Moorland Chat.

Harewna Forest.
Brown Woodland Warbler.

On 16th February we once again drove up the mountain but this time went much further on the wetter far side & down into the Harewna Forest.

Leiben Plain.
Kori Bustard
Photo courtesy of Paul Edmondson.

White-crowned Starling
Somali Short-toed Lark
Leiben Lark!
Terrible photos, I know!
One of the rarest birds in the world!
Plain backed Pipit.
 Somali Crow
 Looking a lot like Brown-necked Raven!

We then drove on to Negele our base for exploring the Leiben Plain the next day.

Abyssinian Ground Hornbill

In the afternoon we drove & explored the Genale River Valley.

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