Saturday, 27 February 2016

Ethiopia: Hawassa & Bishangari Lodges + Gibe Gorge.

Lake Awassa

Fishing the local way.
African Pygmy Goose.
This is a localized species.

Photo courtesy of Paul Edmondson
White faced Whistling Duck
Photo courtesy of Paul Edmondson.
White backed Duck
Photo courtesy of Paul Edmondson.
Black Crake.
Black tailed Godwit
Marabou Stork
Purple Heron
Photo courtesy of Paul Edmondson.
Little Egret
Spur winged Lapwing

Olive Baboon.

Grivet Monkey
Guerzera Colobus
Mother & baby.
Baby exploring!
Mummy looking on!

Pink backed Pelican.

A pair of Egyptian Geese were nesting 
high in the trees in the hotel grounds.
A dark morph Ayers's Hawk Eagle!
African Mourning Dove.

The wonderfully eccentric 
Silver cheeked Hornbill!
Eastern Grey Woodpecker
Woodland Kingfisher, a different race to what
 I am used to in South Africa.
African Spotted Creeper.
Rare & localised.

Hard to photograph, as always on the move
 & often against the light.
I really enjoyed seeing this species.

Most of the 20th February was spent driving towards the huge Lake Awassa. Our destination was the Hawassa Lodge, & we birded the grounds of the lodge & the lake shore in the late afternoon & evening.

Blue headed Coucal
Common Bulbul
White browed Robin Chat
Ruppell's Starling

Northern Black Flycatcher
Photo courtesy of Paul Edmondson.
Brown throated Wattle-eye

African Dusky Flycatcher
Grey backed Cameroptera
Photo courtesy of Paul Edmondson.

Green backed Camaroptera.

Birding was excellent & we retraced our steps the next morning before leaving for the other side of the lake at Bishangari.
African Fish Eagle
Photo courtesy of Paul Edmondson

Northern Carmine Bee-eater
The dining room at the lodge.

My accommodation was excellent 
& in a brilliant setting.

This is the only patch of coastal forest left!

A small family group of Guereza Colobus
live in this tiny fragment of forest.
Striated Heron
Yellow fronted Parrot.
Highly localized & rare.
Blue spotted Wood Dove
Namaqua Dove.

Banded Barbet.
Banded Barbet.
This bird was having a hard time keeping a 
Lesser Honeyguide from laying in its nest.

African (Red billed) Firefinch

Red cheeked Cordon Blue.
The drive was through very arid farmland of sorts. It came as a bit of a surprise when we arrived at the lodge to find a remnant patch of coastal forest visible!

Ziway Lake.

Great White Pelicans + other stuff!
Grassland Pipit.
Guereza Colobus.

On 22nd February we drove to Negash Lodge in Weliso Town via Ziway Lake. Ziway was quite good & made a pleasant interlude from the long drive.

The dry deciduous forest on the way to the gorge.

The old bridge!

Hippos in this very arid environment.

Red headed Weaver - totally different race
 from the one in southern Africa!
Photo courtesy of Paul Edmondson.

The next day was our last off the tour & we explored the Gibe Gorge.

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