Saturday, 27 February 2016

Ethiopian Wolf: Photo Essay

The rarest canid on the planet!

Ethiopian Wolf.

This animal was on the hunt for mole rats.

I was very privileged to see five different Ethiopian Wolves over two days in the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia. It is the rarest canid in the world & classified as endangered. It was on my most wanted list & this species didn't disappoint!

They wait for endless minutes
 for the mole rats to surface.

This is the kind of prey they are after.
I think this is a Blick's Grass Rat.
But not sure - comments welcome.

It is unusual, in that it is a very specialized feeder of rodents (often mole rats) that are found on the high plateaus. Most other species of canids are more generalized feeders.

These photos that follow were all taken 
through the bus window!

In the excitement, I didn't realize
 the window was closed!

The chance of a lifetime blown away 
by a moment of carelessness.

This was one of the highlights of the trip for me!

Threats include diseases from the domestic dog & increased human pressure of overgrazing the Ethiopian Wolves habitat. There is currently a vaccination program under way to inoculate wolves from canine distemper.

The Bale Mountains are just an amazing place
 on this planet of ours!

Till the next time!

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