Sunday, 6 October 2013

Kenya Days: Carol's Birthday!

The holiday was going well. Carol was still reasonably healthy, although she had started to get tired recently. Carol & I spent quite a bit of time alone in our little villa discussing things, like what might happen & what the near future might hold for Carol. The upshot of all  this talk, was that we realized that this could be the last time that we are all together as a family! A sobering thought! The main problem is Toni & her family, they live so far away from everyone else & without the financial means to travel.

Carol’s actual birthday is on 2nd October, but there was no chance of us being all together on this date, plus the fact that Carol would be half way through her chemotherapy sessions & there would be no guarantee that she would be well enough to celebrate her birthday. (This later proved to be the case. Carol wasn't well enough to properly celebrate her 60th birthday). So what to do? Well, we could bring her birthday forward & celebrate it now! I had a word with the villa caretaker, he knew of some local tribal dancers who could put on a show for us in the villa garden. He would bake Carol’s birthday cake & arrange food for the party etc. All we had to do was go out for the afternoon, so the staff could get the garden ready for the late afternoon/evening festivities. That was the plan & it worked perfectly!
We arrived back at the villa to find it decorated superbly, they had really worked hard & done a great job. Tables & chairs were all laid out ready & then the dancers arrived! And what a lot of them there were! They put on a great show for us (very energetic & skillful) and they even managed to get us all up to have a go ourselves! The kids especially loved it! They hadn't seen anything like that before! At the end of the show, there was a little market where we could buy local trinkets from the dancing troupe. The kids wanted to buy nearly everything!

 Eventually they all departed & we had a quiet drink by the pool. Carol had had a great time & really enjoyed the show. Also, she had no idea that I had planned this, which made it extra special for me.
 A great day.

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