Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Kenya Days

Carol & I rounded up the entire family (no easy task) and brought them to Kenya! We had booked two adjoining villas at Diana Beach, just south of Mombasa. We wanted to have one last holiday together with everyone there, because we knew Carol was going to start feeling tired & unwell very soon. Carol had already started chemotherapy, but as it is cumulative, it hadn't reared its ugly head just yet! Carol had three weeks between treatments, so we could just squeeze in a family holiday for a couple of weeks.

The big villa, complete with pool!
Looking towards the small villa.
Two quite large Tortoises, lived in the garden as well.

One villa was really large & the other more petite, but we all fitted in nicely & enjoyed the lovely pool & garden.

The pool was a big hit, especially with the kids!

 The beautiful white sand beach was only 200 m away. 

There were several very nice beach bars & restaurants along the coast. So, we just had to sample one or two of them!

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